Teens Alcohol Is a Problem

Teen’s alcohol is a problem in America today. Many teens begin using alcohol in their early teenage years. By the time the teen becomes an adult they may have built up a very high tolerance for the amount of alcohol they ingest. Teen’s alcohol is also a problem for the public school system. When a teen comes to school drunk, or tipsy, the teen will obviously not obtain any benefit from what is happening while they are there. The intoxicated student is also more likely to have or create an accident while they are in this state.

Teens Alcohol Use is a Family Problem

Teen’s alcohol is a problem that needs to be dealt with by each individual family. Ultimately it is the parent’s responsibility to see that their teen is drug and alcohol free. When a teen reaches adulthood they can then decide for themselves if they would like to use alcohol. In many homes the parents both use alcohol regularly; it would be illogical to think that a teen’s alcohol use would differ from that of their parents. In some homes parents routinely drink to excess, creating an image of acceptance for alcohol consumption.

Teens Alcohol Turns into Adults Alcoholic

Some people are able to hold down full time jobs and still get drunk every night. There are those who can not separate the drinking and are unable to function in this manner. Some people do not believe that they are an alcoholic unless they admit they are. In other words as long as they can function during the day, and get drunk at night, they are ok if they don’t believe they are an alcoholic. It sounds confusing, because it is confusing. Just because someone doesn’t admit they are an alcoholic, doesn’t mean that they are not one.

Teens Alcohol Problem Affects the Entire Family

When a teen has an alcohol problem it truly affects the entire family. In some families the alcohol abusing teen will solicit the help of siblings to cover up their habit. Some teens spend most weekends sleeping over at friend’s houses to cover up the drunken state they are in every weekend. In many homes when the older sibling engages in an activity the younger siblings will follow suit. This does not mean that all children will drink if the oldest child does, but the thought is worth considering. If parents are able to obtain help for the oldest sibling removing the glamour of the alcohol abusing teen, it may break the cycle for the younger family members.

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