Teen Drugs in School

Most teens in middle school and high school will admit they could probably get some drugs at any time from other kids at school. It is a sad commentary that our public schools have become a haven for illegal drugs. The problem is that in some cases drug abuse even reaches down into the elementary school. With teens abusing drugs in school being awful enough, it is sad to consider what will happen to a youth that begins using in middle or even grade school. A child using drugs in middle school has a much greater risk of selling drugs by the time he or she reaches high school. There are few teens selling drugs that don’t use them as well.

Teens High in High School

Another thought to consider when discussing teen drugs in schools is the fact that many teens attend school while they are high or intoxicated. When a teen is able to attend school while they are high, it is obvious that they will not benefit from what is being taught. They will also struggle learning to deal with life while they are clean and sober, after being high on a regular basis. One student in a school for troubled teens admitted that he used to smoke dope on the way to school, at lunch and when he got home. This type of drug abuse can create serious problems for the teen if and when he decides to turn his life around. The additional negative affects of a teen attending school while he or she is high include accidents, harm to others, and increased liability for schools.

Help for Teenage Drug Abusers

When a parent determines that their teen is abusing drugs or alcohol, it is important that they begin to act quickly. Time is of the essence when a teen is headed down the road of drug abuse, and potential drug dealing. In most cases the teen will deny they have a problem, and they will be resistant to any form of help. Most teens believe they are invincible and that they will never be caught. The difficulty then becomes finding help for someone that denies they have a problem. Most local programs that deal with substance and alcohol abuse require that the addict be willing to attend their meetings. This problem for the parents can be overcome by finding suitable placement in a secure facility. This means that the teen may need to be taken against their will and placed in a facility that they can not leave. There are programs and schools like this across the country. If you are a parent in need of finding a placement like this, feel free to call us. We can help you find a program that could help you save your child from a life of drugs, both using and selling.

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