Teenage Stress

Stress is what happens when a body or mind reacts to life changes. Adolescence is a time in life when many changes are going on including emotional, physical, social, and educational. It is no wonder teens feel stressed out with the ever changing factors in their lives.

Stress culprits

Academic pressures and career decisions are a leading cause for stress among teens more particular in females. The desire to achieve good grades and do well in school may cause high levels of stress usually because of the high demands of parents or themselves. Parents innocently place extra strain on their teen with their high expectations for good grades and college scholarships. Stress can be a good thing to push the student but when pushed too hard can cause opposite reactions causing the student to perform badly on tests because of the lack of focus from stress. Peer pressure in a variety of teen issues may cause stress as well. Trying to fit in with their friends with hair styles, fashions, drugs, alcohol, and sex can create stress when unable to do so. Teens are constantly comparing themselves to others with a desire to be accepted with their peers. Peer pressures can be diminished greatly by learning to accept ones self for who they are and focusing on their unique strengths.

Family and social problems may also cause stress within the teen. Divorce of parents, moving to a new school, arguing with friends, and death of a loved one, can all contribute to higher levels of stress. Teens need to be able to talk with someone they trust to help release the buildup of stress. Teens need security and when it’s compromised can cause high levels of stress. Being overwhelmed with too much responsibility or commitments to social events can also cause stress. Teens need to keep their schedules in balance and allow down time for relaxation purposes. Finding time to "breathe" can be an important skill to master in times of stress.

Managing stress

Teens need to manage stress before it manages them. Take time out to do activities they enjoy. Exercise and eat a well balanced diet. Getting plenty of rest can rejuvenate the mind and reduce stress immensely. Teens need to lower their expectations and set realistic and smaller goals to achieve. Teens can be their own worst enemy by placing too much pressure for perfection. If tests make a person nervous or stressed, they should prepare early for the test. Teens should not worry about things that may never happen but rather focus on the positive things happening in their lives at the present. Needed stress Stress is a necessary part of life. It can be good or bad. Good stress prepares us and keeps us on our toes to be aware and alert for upcoming events. Without stress our lives would be boring and dull. Learning to cope when faced with stress can be a character building experience. Next time you’re feeling stressed out, take a deep breath, relax, and have some fun.

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He's no longer ashamed of who he is. It's so nice when you've got a kid who has been in trouble to hear people saying positive things about his personality. The staff at Tipton doesn't see "bad kids." They make it possible for your child to restore the self esteem he needs, to do the right things and THRIVE!" - Glenda Bradley

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